Friday, 28 September 2007


Well, that was my first reaction when I noticed that MM had tagged me to list down my quirks. Firstly, it’s mighty difficult to write down ones own quirks … now if she had tagged me for writing about S’s quirks, I’m sure I could have written about 50 in 5 mins. :-) But me quirky ??? Hey, not at all !!! And secondly, all the world & sundry will know about my quirks …mmm… which is not such a good idea. But anyway … here goes my list

1. I am extremely extremely fussy about keeping everything in it’s rightful place & in order. So, the center table should not be askew, the newspaper has to be on the lower shelf ONLY, the cushions have to be set at a particular angle … and the list goes on.

2. I hate it when people wash their hands & let the water drip onto the floor. There’s always a towel around … why can’t they just wipe their hands dry ???

3. I am verrrrry ticklish. Unfortunately for me, my friends found it out & some of the naughty ones used to suddenly poke a finger on my waist in the middle of a serious discussion with some Prof, making me squiggle for no apparent reason!!! And of course, S always “tortures” me by tickling.

4. The first thing I do while looking through a menu card at any restaurant is point out spelling mistakes & laugh at them. My friend, Sh & I used to do this so much that it used to irritate our other friends a lot … and that was kind of fun too. :-)

5. Oh yesss… like MM, I’m a hoarder too. MM same pinch to you on this one. I have never been able to throw any of the birthday / new year cards that I have received. Many are at home but the ones that I got later have been carried around from place to place as I’ve changed cities & homes within the same city.

Well, I guess that’s about it. I’m not very loony, am I ? And before anybody starts replying to that ... that was a rhetorical question … not looking for any answers here… of course, I’m not loony.


Mystic Margarita said...

LOL! Now I know the first thing to do when I meet you! (tickle! tickle! :-) I was the embodiment of quirk no. 1 in my pre-R and pre-Popol days. Now I don't mind lack of order (mess is a much better descriptor) in my home. Bole na...chokh shoya hoye geche! R is very messy and now with Popol I hardly get time to clean up. Great post by the way - you have a flair for writing, PA - waiting for more posts from you.

Piscean Angel said...

Thanks a lot for boosting my confidence, MM. :-)