Friday, 6 June 2014

Love is…

Love is when you feel a pat on your back, early in the morning, and hear a sleepy voice saying, “Mamma, will you please turn towards me & sleep?”

Love is when the li’l one says to you , “Mamma please bend down” & then plants two kisses on your cheeks

Love is when he giggles at your silliest jokes

Love is when he says, “Mamma, you are a good girl”

Love is when he admires you as you get dressed for an evening out & says, “Wow, beautiful.”

Love is when he says, "I love you Mamma."

Love is when he says, while on a trip, “I am enjoying myself with you & Baba”

Love is when he asks, “When is Baba coming back ?” , while Baba is on a trip out of town.

Love is spending each day with you, watching you grow, be naughty, be sweet … and just simply be yourself.