Friday, 18 April 2008

These are a few of my favourite things ...

Well, MM tagged me to do a blog on "Things that make me Happy" and here’s delivering on MM's tag … happily …

· Watching a nice movie at home curled up on the couch
· Getting drenched in the rain … when I’m on my way home, not when I’m going to work.
· A great meal … preferably cooked by my Mom
· Snuggling in bed (preferably below a quilt) with an engrossing book … reading it from start to finish at a go
· The twinkle in S’s eyes when I’ve managed to trick him using one of the tricks from his book
· Teasing & being teased by S
· Traveling to lovely places
· Catching up with old friends
· A girls night out
· Frolicking in the pool
· Shopping & window-shopping with like-minded people
· Walking along College Street (Calcutta)... also known as boi para (book locality) browsing through books
· When the weighing scale tells me that I’ve lost weight
· Having chicken roll in the streets of Calcutta
· The thought of a joke played on a friend or on me that happened a long long time ago

… Ohhh … the list is never-ending. There are soooo many things that make me happy. :-) I’m sure that I’ve forgotten quite a few, so Friends, keep watching this place for updates.
P.S.: The above list is not in any particular order. All these things give me equal happiness, ALWAYS. :-) :-)

Update 1 : Like I said there are loads of things that make me happy & here's my 1st addendum...

  • When a friend says that she'll be visiting me
  • When I have a good-hair day
  • Chocolates & ice-creams ... preferably chocolate flavoured :)


Mystic Margarita said...

That's such a great list! You reminded me that I miss College Street book stalls. Many of the things you list are mine, too, - I'm feeling much better already. :) Thanks a lot.

Sucharita Sarkar said...


great list. Since I'm a Calcutta-bred-but-living-elsewhere Piscean like you, (and, hopefully, an angel, too) found a lot in common (rain, movies, boipara, teasing, etc). I love shoes, but seem to end up wearing the same ones everyday.

Sucharita Sarkar said...


U R right, it is always better to do 'udhor pindi budhor gharey' with sticky-stuff like enchor.