Tuesday, 14 June 2011


As I was driving down to the Institute this morning, I was listening to Monalisa by Nat King Cole. This is my absolute favourite from his collection.

I used to listen to this song as a child. My Dad had a LP record which had this song and I just used to love the deep baritone of Nat King Cole's voice singing Monalisa. Fortunately, I found a CD of his songs recently which had Monalisa in it too. Another one of my faves from that LP was a song whose lyrics went "Miss Me,Kiss Me" ... unfortunately I'm not able to get that on CD & not even on YouTube. Will surely keep looking, though.


rumpa nandy said...

how do i follow u ??? help me chandra ..

rumpa nandy said...

lovely read ... kiss me miss me was a song which many a sunday i spent wt my baba listening to .. again n again ..