Friday, 6 June 2014

Love is…

Love is when you feel a pat on your back, early in the morning, and hear a sleepy voice saying, “Mamma, will you please turn towards me & sleep?”

Love is when the li’l one says to you , “Mamma please bend down” & then plants two kisses on your cheeks

Love is when he giggles at your silliest jokes

Love is when he says, “Mamma, you are a good girl”

Love is when he admires you as you get dressed for an evening out & says, “Wow, beautiful.”

Love is when he says, "I love you Mamma."

Love is when he says, while on a trip, “I am enjoying myself with you & Baba”

Love is when he asks, “When is Baba coming back ?” , while Baba is on a trip out of town.

Love is spending each day with you, watching you grow, be naughty, be sweet … and just simply be yourself. 


Neelima Watve said...

True. Have experienced all of these (twice ). Nothing is more creative and satisfying than raising children

Piscean Angel said...

True Neelima. Altho' sometimes one feels tired & exasperated of them ... but they bring so much joy that difficult times are soon forgotten.